Cinder Block and Concrete Staining Colors Chart


A new application for Triple-S Concrete Acid Stain is staining ordinary, boring-looking grey cinder blocks to give them life and color.  With Triple- S concrete stain, you can transform cinder blocks into beautiful decorative pieces that can be used for almost anything.  Stained cinder blocks can be used to make indoor/outdoor furniture, unique planter structures or even stain existing cinder block walls.


What do Concrete Stains do?

Concrete stain will not affect the structural integrity of cinder blocks but will simply color them to offer a uniquely mottled look.  You can stain a cinderblock wall in your back yard, or stain individual pieces to then be used for furniture or even planters to house a small variety of plants & flowers.  Staining of this nature is not limited to cinder blocks and can be used for pavers or concrete pieces used to decorate gardens.  The uses are limitless!

Reactive Concrete Acid Stain / Cinder Block Acid Stain


Acrylic Cinder Block/Concrete Stain Colors


Dye Based Cinder Block/Concrete Stain Colors


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