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In order to increase slip resistance, Triple- S recommends adding non-skid grit to its coatings/sealers.  These are fine, silica sand particles that will not alter the color of the finish but add texture to surfaces that might be slippery due to water or oil, etc.  It will stir easily into most oil-based and latex-based paints and other coatings with minimal effect on the coating’s viscosity. It will generally stay well suspended in thin materials such as sealers/coatings but the recommended method of application would be to sandwich it within two layers.  Lay down one layer of sealer and broadcast the grit over that layer, while still wet.  Let that layer of sealer dry and then come back and add another layer, essentially ‘sandwiching’ the silica beads in place.  This is will add a good amount of slip resistance in places where the floor can get slippery.  We recommend at least 2-3 ounces of grit (by weight) per gallon of sealer.

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